Electric Utility

Krage Manufacturing has been an OEM for the electric Utility for over 10 years. We design and built electrical panels; this includes building custom enclosures, component interrogation with testing, and wire assemblies for large regional electric utility companies. We package and ship our panels to warehouses and on sight locations. Our manufacturing process is optimized for high volume production level turn around for our customers in this industry.

Cooling and Heating

In 2000 we opened our doors as a supplier to a global heating and cooling company. Since then we have maintained one of the highest quality standards and on time delivery performances as reported by our customer.We believe this standard of business practice is the reason we have expanded our operations and customer base in the heating and cooling industry throughout the last 20 years. We manufacture and ship multiple trucks worth of products everyday for our heating and cooling customers.

Commercial Construction

We have been manufacturing parts and components for the construction industry consistently for many years. What started as filling the demand for local contractors needs for building materials has turned into filling high volume demand for large regional engineering firms. We have the capabilities to build high volume parts to project specific design and engineering requirements. We do a lot of work for architectural and interior design engineering firms. Check out some of our work on our portfolio page.

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