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For years Krage Manufacturing has been offering customers various manufacturing and engineering solutions. We have exceptional individuals in engineering, management and production to assist you in meeting your goals. Krage Mfg. excels in everything from ideas on a napkin to short-run prototypes to medium and long run production. We have expertise to provide innovative engineering designs from ideas to cost effective manufacturable finished parts and assemblies. Our engineering and prototyping services are designed around providing a quick turnaround with the use of the latest technologies and processes.

Krage Mfg. prides itself on turning new designs successfully into finished products sometimes in a matter of hours. We actively manage customer inventory levels and deliver kanban containers directly to our customer production lines.

We assist our customers in insuring a cost effective design for manufacturable products. Cost saving ideas are constantly under review. Krage Mfg. has consistently saved our customers thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars through design/process changes initiated by our experienced team of ‘Can Do’ individuals.

Krage Mfg. wants to be your lowest total cost supplier through innovative ideas and efficient manufacturing processes. We want you to be the best in your industry!

What our customers say

"We have over 300 suppliers and there are two suppliers we never have to worry about. Krage Mfg. is one of the two. When we order parts and assemblies I don't have to follow up on the order. We know know you will get the order right and ship on time. I wish more suppliers were like you. Thank you for this."

Large Utility

"How do you get the enclosures to fit so well. I call you up and ask you to check out the specialty enclosure for a retrofit job. You take a few measurements and pictures and 'boom' the box fits perfectly in to a tight spot."

Large Electrical Contractor

"We are all still amazed at the success of Krage Manufacturing. You started with an idea many years ago and your competitors and suppliers like us never thought you would make it. You are considered an 'anomaly' within the industry here in Colorado. Nobody does what you did."

Equipment Supplier

"I really felt bad for having to call you at home last night and if it wasn't the end of the second quarter, I definitely wouldn't have. However, the fact that you and another employee were willing to go back to the plant shows a level of dedication and customer service that is unparalleled. Thank you for your continued support."

Large OEM

"I know I've told you this before but your orders are the BEST I receive. They are neat, accurate and easy to process, and you include ALL the information. Thanks so much for making my job easier!!!"

Large Supplier

"Denise, the blanks were run Tuesday and worked out extremely well. You guys did a fabulous job - tight tolerances and clean finish. I don't get to write a note like this very often because more times than not I'm disappointed with work we get from suppliers. Please pass along my thanks to your staff for the exceptional work!"

Small OEM



From our inception over twenty years ago we have specialized in high volume production serving three major industries. Our lifelong participation in these evolving industries have provided us a unique understanding of our customers expectations. We are suited to deliver industry standard equipment and parts for large OEMs in addition to new innovative customer demands.

Electric Utility

We manufacture components and assemblies used by electrical equipment OEMs. From enclosure design to complete wiring schemas we have the in-house capabilities to build electrical enclosures ready for the field.

Heating and Cooling

We are a supplier to one of the major heating and coolingOEMs in the country. At a production scale we design build and ship consistent quality products on time for OEMs. From individual components to complete assemblies we are optimized to deliver products for this industry.

Building and Construction

We build products used in commercial and industrial construction. Some of the products we ship to our customers include metal framing, industrial interior design, steel welded assemblies, fencing to name a few.


Krage Manufacturing utilizes the most advanced technology in the manufacturing industry. We operate fiber optic and CO2 lasers, automated welding machines and turret punching. Our press brakes range from 40-ton to large 250-ton capacity. We operate a full machining setup utilizing state of the art lathes and mills. With powder coating and assembly operations in house we are fulling integrated in the sheet metal fabrication process. Check out more in depth descriptions of our key capabilities.

CNC Maching



Laser Cutting

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